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2019 has been a particularly interesting year for both Dave and Richard at Veritas Investigations. As luck would have it we reconnected with an old colleague - Eugene Collins of Collins Law, a Lower Hutt law firm specializing in Employment issues.

Eugene discussed an international organisation (USA based) which helps professionalize Independent Workplace Investigators and provides in service training courses and qualifications. AWI Certificate Holder (CH) courses are held 5 -6 times a year in America.

In February this year Dave traveled to Santa Barbara and in April Richard went to Chicago to undertake AWI training. This course is not for beginners and is completed with 3 x 1 - 1.5hr exams on day 5. Both Dave and Richard passed this course and now able to advertise as certificate holders CH in AWI.

Both Dave and Richard are members of Australasia Association of Workplace Investigators (AAWI) and we meet like minded people 3 times a year in Auckland - the latest was on 20th November where Maria Dew QC discussed differences and similarities between inquiries, investigations and reviews.

Both Dave and Richard - as Auckland based private investigators, will and do travel the country to assist clients. Earlier this year they traveled to Northland twice, investigating events that happened in 2014 when the Marsden Point - Auckland pipeline was damaged and ultimately led to it rupturing in 2017 causing great difficulties for businesses reliant on it across the Auckland area including Auckland Airport. They were able to provide sufficient information, statements and documentary evidence to the Govt inquiry into those events, that allowed the inquiry to publish the answers to questions of who, what, when, where, and how the pipeline was damaged.

Overall 2019 has been a very good year for Veritas Investigations Ltd - Auckland Private Investigators

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